Bows, Arrows, Spears, Blowpipes and Spearthrowers of Central and Southamerica

Of course, the history of both Americas does not be‐ gin with the arrival of the ships of the Spanish Crown and all those who soon afterward rushed to this suddenly so close part of the world. For this reason, the‐ re is a chronological table in the historical part. The beginning of the book is dedicated to the first descriptions and reports of individual Europeans, which should contribute to the understanding of some ethnic groups, especially with regard to their weapons.

The task of this book is to show the bows, arrows, quivers, blowguns, spears and javelins of Central and South America and to assign them as far as possible to the various original, pre-Columbian cultures and ethnic groups. I try to avoid the terms „Indio“ and „Indian“ but they are often components of older books and texts that I quote.

In order to find your way around the complex matter more easily, after a historical overview, the respecti‐ ve weapons are subdivided in individual groups, which are: bows, arrows and quivers, pellet bows, spears and lances, spear throwers together with the special spears used with and finally the poisons, which are used with bow arrows, blowgun darts and spears.

426 pages in A4 hardcover and thread-binding with more than 1300 illustrations, mostly in colour, including 15 plates and numerous maps, an index of literature, glossary and index of illustrations, as well as a folding map as an insert.

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