Astha vativu – 8 animals

The eight animal postures of Kalarippayatt

and their settings

In all the martial arts of the world animal forms surrendered, ahead of all in the South Indian Kalarippayatt, which is designated as the mother of the martial arts, as it is in China starting at the beginning of the first millennium, imported by a Buddhist monk, martial arts such as Kung fu, Tai Chi, Karate etc. developed.

The individual animal forms (vativus) are elephant, lion, cat, horse, wild boar, snake, cock, and fish. They are embedded in adavus, contiguous, flowing movements consisting of foot / footwork, arm / handwork and other bodywork.

The adavus are largely similar from school to school, but they can also differ greatly. The postures of the Kalarippayatt are thus not static forms, but flowing processes with forms as stations.

With the professional support of Radhika Gurukkal und Dr. Lal Krishnan.

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