Bows, Arrows and Spears of Africa

Africa – cradle of mankind – mysterious continent. This book goes in search of bows and arrows, quivers, spears and lances on this continent.

Based on precise records of the scientific companions of great expeditions and field research, going back to ancient civilisations and documenting what can be admired in private and museum collections, this book is a comprehensive guide for collectors and an enrichment for everyone who is enthusiastic about bows, arrows and spears.

The pieces shown and mostly currently photographed come mainly from the Sunyol, Miersch, Wiethase collections and various museums.

The historically relevant sources are by Ratzel, Frobenius, von Mecklenburg, Cameron, Bernatzik, Bulanda, Stuhlmann, Holub, Roscoe, Obst, Schaedler, Nachtigal, Schweinfurth, Schebesta, Reche, Dela- chaux, Torday, Tessmann, Grenfell, Paulitschke, Czekanowski , Weule, Passarge, Hahn and many others.

The detailed appendix consists of many informative maps and tables from various catalogues, which help the collector to identify and more precisely classify pieces in his collection. In addition to the main topic, shooting aids, quivers, spear and arrowhead money, poisons and ceremonial spears are also dealt with in separate chapters.

The book has 558 pages, of which around 140 pages are appendices, tables and glossaries. A folding map is included with the book for better assignment of the most important ethnic groups and language groups. With more than 1500 illustrations, more than 1000 of them in colour and about 100 partly coloured maps.

ISBN 978-3-948396-19-0 Hardcover, with 556 Pages in A4, with an additional folder in A 3 with maps to give a better overview of the tribes of Africa.weight: 2.6 kg, 89.– € For shipping to the USA, Schweiz and other non European states please contact for shipping costs: Payment via Paypal will add additional fees (about 4 €) we send to the USA via USPost (about 38 € in March 2022)