World of Arrows – Arrows of the World

A book about the arrows of the world first requires one thing: the order of the world.

What first appears simple when one begins to arrange according to continents but then is complicated, because movement of the cultures do not match the continents movements, especially concerning the Eurasian continent. On this largest continent on earth, so much has happened in the history of culture, that it is difficult to make a clear separation. Thus, the present work presents the world in turn both to the spread of the Homo sapiens, as well as the great cultures as they spread out. Mixtures can not be avoided.

The major chapters will be: Africa, Europe, Middle East and Ottoman Empire, Indian Subcontinent with Nepal, China and Mongolia, North Asia, Central Asia with Japan, Vietnam, Malay Archipelago, Oceania, North America with Alaska and lastly South America down to Tierra del Fuego.

The divisions within the chapters are based on the fertility of the finds and sources, as well as other specific topics that result.

The arrow poisons, their analysis and use, are explained in each appropriate Chapter.

Lastly, a detailed directory is attached for the search for designations and terms.

Thus, the work can also be used to determine artifacts whose origin the owner was previously unknown or uncertain. The origin of the illustration shown, is right next to the respective illustration. All other illustrations are from Hendrik Wiethase. The Bibliography closes the work. If quotations from old sources are inserted, then generally the same spelling remains from the respective original text.

ISBN 9783937632 84-1  402 pages in A4 with more than 770 photographs, 224 graphics, 46 panels and 29 maps, most of them in colour. Weight: 2 kg. Price: 85,00 Euro plus postage according to the country of the order. Payment in advance.