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Out of the calm: Arrows…  Anatomy of archery teaching  ISBN 978-3-937632-72-8

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Page 5: Preface

Page 6: Prologue

Page 8: On the Way

Page 9: Fears

Page 11: Arrived

Page 12: Initiation

Page 13: Avoiding Unnecessary Actions

Page 16: Starting from Zero

Page 19: About Searching and Finding

Page 21: Discoveries

Page 23: Pearls On a Thread

Page 29: The Rock

Page 31: The Trap

Page 35: The Broken Bow

Page 38: Be Tranquil

Page 41: The Lethal Weapon

Page 44: About Learning

Page 49: You Cannot Always Hit the Very Same Spot

Page 54: On the Move

Page 55: Om

Page 57: The Fifth Arrow

Page 62: About Practicing

Page 65: Appearance and Reality

Page 68: Farewell

Page 70: Ritual

Page 72: Out of the Calm: Arrows…

From the book:

Avoiding Unnecessary Actions

During our lives we spend a lot of time with unnecessary actions and unnecessary thoughts. Unnecessary is our action, when this what we want to do, be extended or made more difficult without a positive result by it. Needless our thoughts are if they adversely affect our fruitful. Then they confuse our thoughts, cover them and sometimes they take possession, that we no longer know what it feels like to think positively. 

In Dhanurveda, as I teach it, this is one of the learning objectives: only and exclusively accompanied by the necessary thoughts to do what is necessary to perform a harmonious, flowing shooting sequence. This requires the shooter a high degree of attention or as I like to call them great mindfulness. This mindfulness is a third level of my act. Without it there is no perfect action, not a perfect thought. 

Perfect means here: to do nothing superfluous. Nothing tat is not conducive at this moment. The result is that beauty that comes from all that is done without unnecessary action. The beauty of the movements of a skilled person in crafts, music, art, dance, oblivious playing or handling of small children, the movements of wild animals. That fascinates us about the creatures of nature so much. That is, what we regard as so beautiful: that they „only“ are themselves fulfilled only of themselves and each a perfect being. We humans can achieve this state again. 

So it is with the „beautiful shooting“: The archer has eliminating all errors and confusion, so that at the end there is nothing but beautiful shooting. 

I listen. Not only with my ears. And many words I forget again. Omkara Nath: „Important is first to reduce the entire process to the least. Reduce to the max.

Nothing enhanced or provided with a special accent. No energy is wasted, not engage in unnecessary expenditure of energy. So that all the energy for every moment can be available.“

Here I can already feel my first threshold. What do I do with all of my energy when it is fully available?

What will happen then? Nothing! Everything! Not only then all our energy is available, it always is, but we often have no access to it, because this is denied by ourselves or by others. Not this energy makes us fear, but the darker side within us that could use this energy differently than we would like it. This darkness is our enemy and we can chase him only with light. 

We string the bows. Then Omkara Nath asks me to shoot a few arrows, so he can see how I do it. I stand in front of the target, correct my stand, take an arrow, want to nock it on the string and am irritated when I do not see any nock on it.

Omkara Nath gives me an arrow with a nock. I put it on, look again to the target, draw and shoot.

Omkara Nath is silent. No comment.

Any comment on my part would have the opposite effect of what I wanted. I wanted to create emptiness, so that it can be refilled again. 

We sit down again. Omkara Nath: „Every mistake you make, you carry with you with the next steps. The errors are like loads that you carry and complicate the more. Therefore, it is sometimes better to restart the entire process from the beginning.“ The first lesson ends with that.

Omkara Nath has been going ahead for dinner. I‘m cleaning up, unstringing my bow. I take the bows and arrows and leave the Kalari. „I brought your bow. Not unstringed.“

Omkara Nath: „A wise decision.“

I know that not one word was just simply spoken by Omkara Nath, but he passed on to me the spirit in this hour, which is behind the Dhanurveda, as he will teach me. He has shown me the attitude, as will be practiced. This was the initiation today.

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